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3 Surprises California Employers Aren’t Prepared For in 2019

Each January, California entrepreneurs are “never surprised” when our state includes more employers in additional laws and regulations. One might think these folks feel they’re graded higher by the amount of new legislation and regulations they create, instead of how these changes will bring about a more positive business environment and create more job opportunities. […]

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Where Would You Be Today If You Were In Hurricane Harvey’s Path?

It hard to ignore the disruption of lives and the destruction of property caused by Harvey’s move through Texas and other parts of the South West. Interviews of those affected are sad, but the spirit shown by many to rebuild their lives is encouraging and a reminder of the American spirit during difficult times. Travelers […]

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Welding Can Be a Dangerous Task – Here’s A Free Webinar to Help You Keep Your Employees Safe & to Comply With OSHA

The National Safety Council will be offering employers a free webinar to address the following: • Gain knowledge around welding compliance issues and strategies to correct them • Learn about innovative technologies and advancements to improve welding safety • Strengthen compliance, operator acceptance and productivity in your welding environment Here’s the link that provides information […]

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What’s So Important about February, March, and April?

Many employers are required to post their workplace injury & illness data annually in order to comply with OSHA guidelines. Even though this compliance requirement has existed for years, confusion and frustration continue among employers as to how to perform this annual task. I created a guide to take you through the process step-by-step, making […]

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What Are Employers to Do Now That the “Landmark” Law is in Place for Temp Workers?

When Governor Brown signed AB 1897 into law in 2014, very little was made about the details and the intend of this legislation. There were a few short articles in the press about this law creating more liability for employers who contract for labor though staffing agencies.  I did a blog posting of it as […]

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