8 Characteristics of a Successful Employer...and the One Financial Opportunity Most Employers Miss by Tom Bone

Employers with above-average financial success have 8 characteristics in common, applicable through a wide cross-section of industries. Find out what they are – and if you don’t have them, what you can do to get them.

Close Call: How to Turn a Near-Miss Workplace Injury into a Win by Tom Bone

Near-misses happen every day – and 75% of all accidents are preceded by one or more near misses. Learn how to lower the number and severity of workplace injuries now, before you’re faced with incidents of bodily injury or property damage.

Employee Safety Training by Tom Bone

Avoiding workplace injuries keeps productivity consistent, lets an employee return home in the same condition they arrived, and increases your company’s bottom line. Here’s how to set up employee safety training to help comply with OSHA guidelines.

How to Succeed after a Disaster by Tom Bone

We all know that an important key to success is to make the right plans, execute them, measure progress along the way, and make those all-important adjustments to achieve the outcome you’re striving for.

Responding to Workplace Injuries: Navigating the Workers' Compensation System by Tom Bone

This guide was created to help you manage the process of getting medical treatment for injured employees, facilitating their quick return to work, and ensuring you – the employer – incur realistic costs.

Supervisors: An Achilles Heel? Training Supervisors to Effectively Handle Workplace Injuries by Tom Bone

Supervisors are an employer’s first line of defense against workers’ comp claims and any lawsuits that arise as a result. You need to review your supervisor training to ensure they can handle workplace injuries properly. This guide will help you do just that.

The Best Time to Reduce Your Workers' Comp Premiums...and it's not your renewal date by Tom Bone

As most organizations’ policy renewal date approaches, they seek out the only solution they can think of – requesting new quotes from insurance brokers. By that point, you’re already six months too late to lower your workers’ compensation costs. Here’s how to manage the process so it lowers your costs.


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