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    Company Introduction



    1. Company Components:

    Nanfeng Dasun Technology is consist of Guangzhou Honest Technology Co.,ltd and Nanfeng Honest Technology Co.,ltd.

    We have advanced equipment, full-function labs, professional R&D application service Team

    Focus on forward-looking research and production of special chemicals.

    2. Main Business of The Company:

    As the key manufacturer of textile softener oil in China, we have solvent-free softener oil, hydrophilic/fluffy softener oil, special softener paste for denim, resistant to hydrolysis softener paste, and softener paste for chemical fiber. we also specialize in softener pearl, and flakes. We can meet environmental protection standards along with hydrophilic, and fluffy requirements

    3. All Kinds of Products:

    Chemicals for Textile Industry

    Daily Chemicals

    Home Care Chemicals,

    Chemicals for Paper Industry

    Additives for Industrial Coatings

    4. Corporate Culture:

    Customer First, Service First, Technological Innovation



    Guangzhou Honest Technology Co., Ltd


    Contact Person: Miss Liang

    Address:Room 411, building 14, Tianan energy saving headquarters center, 555
    Avenue North, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

    Nanfeng Dasun Technology Co.,ltd


    Contact Person: Miss Wang

    Address: Fuxi Industrial Park, Nanfeng County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province



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