Why Investigating Employment Complaints is Critical to You & Your Organization?

Why Investigating Employment Complaints is Critical to You & Your Organization?

Knowing how to conduct a prompt, thorough and objective investigation will help employers avoid additional legal and financial issues and ultimately save them a great deal of time.

An employer’s response to employee complaints can either help keep an employer out of a lawsuit or potentially cause one.

The Sacramento Employer Advisory Council (SEAC) has brought together two experts in workplace investigations to provide tips for conducting effective workplace investigations.   Eve Fichtner and Alexander Sperry of Van Dermyden Maddux Law Corporation will provide invaluable tips, tools and techniques so you can confidently move towards resolution of workplace complaints.

Give and take  between the attendees and presenters is always an interesting and entertaining aspect of SEAC events, so be sure to put this presentation on your calendar and join in.

To learn more and to register for this event on September 10th, in Sacramento, go to the SEAC website.

Note that breakfast and validated parking are included.

Membership opportunities are available for employers, non profit organizations and individuals at the SEAC website  and they will include discounts for all SEAC events.



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