Your Workers' Comp Cost Reduction Strategy

Lowering Workers’ Comp Costs =
Lowering Other Insurance Program Costs

Your workers’ comp insurance is the “heart” of your insurance & risk management program. It’s interrelated with your organization’s other insurance policy pricing, exposures, and claims. If your workers’ comp program isn’t properly managed, it could be costing your organization thousands, tens of thousands, or more.

A New Approach

When my team and I work with a new client, the first thing we do is look at the organization’s workers’ comp costs and policies. Once we work together to discover the risks and threats facing that organization, we compare them to what you can expect from your current insurance and risk management programs.

Next, we recommend practical solutions to manage these risks and threats. The solutions are implemented, and together we measure the results. Then, you determine what adjustments you want to make.

A Straightforward Solution

Our approach is really a simple set of four steps:

  • You learn where you are
  • You decide where you need to go
  • We help get you to a more secure position
  • You determine what adjustments you want to make

We’ll repeat this process periodically with you to account for changes in your organization, as well as to help you avoid unexpected events. Every single dollar saved from this process goes directly to your bottom line.

Find out how we can help you cut costs and increase profits.

Contact me to find out if this cost-reduction approach is a good fit for your organization.


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