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What Employers Can Expect From CAL/OSHA’s 2018 Attitude?

Those who attended the recent meeting of the National Safety Society Golden Gate Chapter experienced an “eye opener,” as well as, an alert to employers about how **CAL/OSHA’s enforcement division will interact with them. Here are the take a-ways from this meeting: • Penalties are going up for employer infractions and the fees/penalties will increase […]

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Are Your Emergency Plans “in the cards” for You and Your Business?

We had fires in Northern and Southern California, Hurricane’s in the East/Southeast part of the US, now snow in the East/Southeast, plus today the earth moved in Berkeley with a 4.5 magnitude earthquake. Thanks to Forbes, and Trevor Nase, here’s a photo where the earthquake occurred in the early hours of January 4,  2018. So, […]

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Where Would You Be Today If You Were In Hurricane Harvey’s Path?

It hard to ignore the disruption of lives and the destruction of property caused by Harvey’s move through Texas and other parts of the South West. Interviews of those affected are sad, but the spirit shown by many to rebuild their lives is encouraging and a reminder of the American spirit during difficult times. Travelers […]

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How Independent Contractor Games Can Hurt Your Business

When it comes to staffing, many employers continue to rationalize who will be an employee and who will be an independent contractor. Even though an employer may feel their way is logical, in almost every instance they wrongly classify a person creating legal and financial issues for their business. To avoid these unwise risks, get […]

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Employers’ group medical plans in 2017 – What to expect?

Now that we have a Republican administration and a Republican majority in Congress many employers have asked “what’s in store for our employee group medical programs? Here are some thoughts from a knowledgeable and experienced employee benefits advisor that may provide some indication what employers may experience. I greatly respect Vinny Catalano’s opinions and success […]

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Leave of Absence Laws Continue to be Complex & Provide Employer Opportunities for Costly Errors

To help you through this “tangled legal web,” join business owners and HR professionals at the Sacramento Employer Advisory Council’s (SEAC) workshop on August 23, 2016, in Sacramento. This is a morning session that provides you with practical approaches to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) & the California Family Rights Act (CFRA). You […]

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Let’s Catchup with Some Important Events That May Affect Your Business

This website was “kidnapped” recently by some folks who had nothing more productive to do, but we are back. So, lets catch-up on some news that should interest you and how you manage your organization. Workers’ Comp Rate Decrease for California Employers? It was just announced that employers could enjoy some rate decrease, but the […]

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What Should California Employers Expect 2016 Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rates To Be?

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones “declared” that California Employer’s rates should go down in 2016. Well, his decision does not mean all rates will actually decrease, the reduction is an average of all rate changes. The rates an employer will pay may vary, so this broad announcement is more of a public relation statement than […]

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