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How Will 2017 Workers’ Comp Changes Affect California Employers?

2017 confronts employers with changes in the workers’ compensation rules that will affect their profits. On February 8th, in Sacramento, you will learn how these changes will affect you, plus the mystery to control workers’ comp costs and related expenses will be unveiled. Beginning January 1, 2017, no matter who pays, First Aid Claims and […]

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Employers’ group medical plans in 2017 – What to expect?

Now that we have a Republican administration and a Republican majority in Congress many employers have asked “what’s in store for our employee group medical programs? Here are some thoughts from a knowledgeable and experienced employee benefits advisor that may provide some indication what employers may experience. I greatly respect Vinny Catalano’s opinions and success […]

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The Hidden Dangers of Workers’ Comp Exclusions

There’s a dangerous trend among decision-makers in California’s closely held corporations. Charged with reducing operating expenses while continuing to provide state-mandated insurance coverage, many opt to exclude corporate officers from their company’s workers’ compensation policy. To the decision-maker, this is simply a calculated method of controlling expenses—one of the many risks inherent in the nature […]

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Should Californians Expect Big Premium Increases from Their Health Insurance? One “Informed” Chap Thinks So.

Speculation continues from all sides of the political spectrum and various corners of business as to how the “Affordable Care Act” legislation will affect future insurance premiums. Many in the insurance community have varying opinions as well. So, this recent article in the Sacramento Bee’s Viewpoints Section got my attention and should also get yours. […]

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Tuesday’s Tip from Tom: “How Does Voluntary Disability Insurance Affect Employers Worker’s Comp Claims?”

A major employee benefits insurance company has been promoting a survey that suggests when employers establish a voluntary disability insurance program for their employees, employers experience a reduction in the number of workers’ compensation insurance claims. This subject has been debated for some time, but I have yet to find credible research to confirm the […]

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Invitation to The Challenges Facing Your Workers’ Comp & Employee Benefits From The “Affordable Care Act”

Come join me this next Tuesday, April 8th, in Sacramento,  where I will participate with other insurance professionals in a panel discussion about the what employers should know about how the “Affordable Care Act” will affect employees, their families and their organizations.  This event brings you current with changes and expected affects upon your employee […]

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Workers’ Comp + the “Affordable Care Act” =?

A recent article has been published about the effects employers can expect upon their workers’ compensation costs what can happen to their balance sheets and their injured employees.  This writing is authored by Mark Walls, a well-known analyst for Marsh, where he outlines the issues that he and others see coming.  For a further discussion […]

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Navigating Employee Benefits With The “Affordable Care Act”- What Employers Need to Know & How This Will Effect Their Workers’ Comp Costs

The Sacramento Employer Advisory Council invites you to spend the morning with our panel of experts on employee benefits from The Affordable Care Act (ACA) to Workers’ Comp and everything in between. In this informative seminar, you will learn about the final rules for the ACA, the employer shared responsibility mandate, transitional relief that you […]

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