Part IV – 6 Workplace Issues: Selecting a Medical Clinic That’s Best for Your Injured

Part IV – 6 Workplace Issues: Selecting a Medical Clinic That’s Best for Your Injured

The process of selecting a medical clinic starts when your workers’ comp insurance company gives you a list of medical providers that you’re required to use when an injury occurs. These clinics are usually close to your location, and you have the option to select one or more of them.

Most employers have no clue which clinic to choose.  Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t seem to know, either. 

Insurers select a company that can provide them with a network of medical clinics and literally “rent” the use of the clinic members in that network. To all outward appearances, their primary consideration is how much of a fee discount they can negotiate with the clinic for any medical treatment provided. Vetting clinics for the best patient outcomes doesn’t seem to be a critical criterion for network selection. 

So what’s an employer to do? 

You—or your risk insurance advisor—must vet each clinic on the list to make sure they meet some reasonable criteria. You may wish to ultimately select one or two clinics for your use. A strategic partner has created a checklist to help you evaluate a clinic’s services and operations. I’ve provided a copy for your use in an eBook, entitled 6 Workplace Issues You Need to Know for 2016,about this topic and other issues. So go to this link and you can download this list and other valuable information you need to know.

Selecting a Medical Clinic: A Short Checklist

The checklist below isn’t a comprehensive list of everything you need to know, but it’s a useful tool to help you make an initial decision. Here are the main topics of interest for you when considering a clinic:

DO THEY PROMOTE a return-to-work strategy? Getting employees back to work quickly is good for the employee and good for the employer. 

DO THEY ATTEMPT to take advantage of the First Aid Claim option to avoid  repeated returns to the clinic?            

DO THEY COMMUNICATE quickly with regard to the diagnosis and treatment of the injured? You need to be informed so you can make a plan. 

DO THEY WELCOME a dialogue about work restrictions and the use of medications by the patient? Communicating will help you try to accommodate the injured employee and will, in turn, be a win-win for you and your injured employee. 

DO THEY USE their in-house pharmacy to prescribe medications, initially and thereafter? This is good to know to avoid future issues that we’ll discuss in a future posting. 

 Additionally, you or your insurance advisor should personally visit the facilities. You want to be familiar with them and with how the staff conducts itself.

After your visit, ask yourself this important question: “Would I go there or send my family members there for medical treatment?” 

In the next session we will get into more of the actual workplace issues.  So, stay tuned, or If you wish to jump ahead, go to my website and down load Workplace Issues You Need to Know for 2016. If you wish to CLICK HERE, you can down load your own copy now.

Reach out to me with your questions and comments about this or other related topics.  Chats are always complementary.


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