People we associate with

People we associate with

I would like to share with you some text from a recent email news letter by Steve Kloyda. The message is important and may serve as a personal checkup for you.

Subject: Is Your Garden Full Of Weeds?

Hi Tom,
One of my all time favorite inspirational speakers is Jim Rohn.
I had the privilege of meeting him in 1991 and again in 1994.
One of Jim’s famous quotes, “If you ignore your garden the weeds
will take over.”

How often in life do we fail to recognize and confront the weeds
in our life? It’s possible we are afraid to confront the weeds because
of fear. Maybe it’s the fear of the unknown, fear of what others
might think or even fear of rejection.

Jim would often ask the following three major questions.

* Who am I around?
* What effect are they having?
* Is that acceptable?

It is so easy to let the wrong people or influences enter into our

It’s so subtle. Pretty soon we end up where we don’t want to be.
It is important that we evaluate our associations on regular basis.
What do they have us t! h inking, doing, believing and becoming and
is that okay?

Here is another great quote from Jim, “Those who can reach us
and affect us on a daily basis should inspire us, not spread the
seeds of doubt and dissent with their pessimism, complaining
and ridicule of others. Maintaining a positive attitude in the face
of life’s challenges is difficult enough without this kind of
influence in our lives.”

Over the past couple of years I have allowed a couple of
relationships into my life that were having a negative impact on
me and my results. Some of those relationships I have had to
eliminate. With others I have had to limit my association with
them. I know that may seem insensitive or really cold hearted. If
I want a better future I must distance myself from negative
influences. The price I will pay in th! e long run is too big and I
am not willing to pay that price.

What weeds do you have in your life that need to be rooted
out and thrown in the fire? You will only blossom to your full
potential based on who you associate with. Did you know that if
you plant a tree inside, it’s growth is limited by the height of the
ceiling? Did you also know that if you plant the tree outside, it will
grow as high as it can?

What weeds do you need to pull out of your life that are stunting
your growth?

How high would you like to grow? Would love to hear your feedback.

P.S. By the way, I want to let you know there will be no Prospecting
Weekly on Monday, May 28th.

Steve Kloyda
The Prospecting Expert
PO Box 384
Rosemount, MN 55068-0384

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