What Does Filing Income Tax Returns & Distracted Driving Have in Common?

Well, April is the month to focus on both. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Association, in 2015 alone over 3,331 people were killed and over 387,000 injured in motor vehicle accidents connected to distracted driving. That represents 10 percent of all fatal crashes and 17 percent of all accidents that caused injuries. Distractions can be eating, […]

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How Independent Contractor Games Can Hurt Your Business

When it comes to staffing, many employers continue to rationalize who will be an employee and who will be an independent contractor. Even though an employer may feel their way is logical, in almost every instance they wrongly classify a person creating legal and financial issues for their business. To avoid these unwise risks, get […]

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Words of Wisdom on Preventing & Managing Claims for Employers, According to Don

Employment issues are always a concern for owners and managers of business. When they occur they are disruptive, many times they become an emotional drain, they are costly, can be demoralizing to other employees and in my view the employer and employee(s) seldom come out ahead. When it comes to seeking HR advice, or to […]

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Important Change to Workers’ Compensation Provisions as of January 1, 2017

This new law applies to those California small and mid-size private employers who have elected to exclude officers from workers’ compensation benefits.  The new law, AB 2883, makes the following changes: 1 – Any eligible individual (officer, director, general partner, managing member) electing exclusion from workers’ compensation benefits  must provide a signed waiver to the […]

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Tips to Have a Fun Holiday Party & Avoid Potential Liabilities

It’s that time of the year to enjoy the spirit of the season, so many employers are planning events to celebrate with those who contribute to their success, their employees. I found an article from that outlining ways to manage the RisksNThreats that may cause unexpected issues that could spoil an employer’s holiday party. […]

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The Hidden Dangers of Workers’ Comp Exclusions

There’s a dangerous trend among decision-makers in California’s closely held corporations. Charged with reducing operating expenses while continuing to provide state-mandated insurance coverage, many opt to exclude corporate officers from their company’s workers’ compensation policy. To the decision-maker, this is simply a calculated method of controlling expenses—one of the many risks inherent in the nature […]

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Lack of Workplace & Home “Dog Sense” are Costly to All

“About 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year and about 885,000 require medical attention for these injuries; about half of these are children,” according to the Insurance Information Institute data they obtained from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. This is a staggering number and the associated medical/financial costs are in the […]

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The New Year Brings New Employer Liabilities with AB 1897

AB 1897 was signed into law by California’s Governor Brown and became effective on January 1, 2015. This new legislation creates additional financial and legal liabilities when an employer contracts for labor. All employers need to understand the implications of this legislation in terms of staffing, financial obligations, and legal responsibilities. Three Things You Need […]

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Three Human Resource Issues that Leave Employers Vulnerable

You may have noticed an increased number of articles in the local and national media about employment issues. Two recent articles—one in the New York Times and one in the Sacramento Business Journal—both discussed employment litigation and situations where employers create problems for themselves. Why is this becoming such a prevalent issue? The short answer […]

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Local & National Data Should Be a Wakeup Call to Employers

Recent articles in the Sacramento Business Journal and the Wall Street Journal provided current insight to employers about how they potentially may be harmed by the increasing number of lawsuits involving Employee Leave & Accommodation Issues. Many times employers do not address the potential complications until the matter faces them and then there is a […]

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Tuesday’s Tip From Tom: Become More Referable by Scott Addis – Up Date

Here is the post I wanted to share with you that was not technically possible last week: Seven Ways To Become More Referable MAY 13, 2014 tags: beyond insurance, business, Insurance, Referral, scott addis In the Reach Your Peak performance program, Beyond Insurance hears over and over, “I understand the importance of filling my prospect pipeline, but I don’t really have a plan.”  Or know-how.  […]

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Tuesday’s Tip from Tom: “How Does Voluntary Disability Insurance Affect Employers Worker’s Comp Claims?”

A major employee benefits insurance company has been promoting a survey that suggests when employers establish a voluntary disability insurance program for their employees, employers experience a reduction in the number of workers’ compensation insurance claims. This subject has been debated for some time, but I have yet to find credible research to confirm the […]

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Tuesday’s Tip – What does Workers’ Compensation, Obesity, the American Medical Association and American’s with Disability Act have in Common?

Brad Young, who is a Workers Comp Defense Attorney, in the Midwest wrote a recent article that should prepare us for the increased costs of injury claims here in California. We all know that obesity has become a national health issue and this disease, like others, is beginning to be an employer workers’ comp cost issue. […]

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