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Rates Go Down – Required Harassment Training Delayed – Consultant Looks to Future

Workers’ Comp Rates Decreasing This last week, California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara advised the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau to reduce the recommended rates an average of 9% effective January 1, 2020. The lower rates result from a continuing trend of decreasing workplace injuries costs which began in 2015. Employers in other states are enjoying […]

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What Employers Can Expect From CAL/OSHA’s 2018 Attitude?

Those who attended the recent meeting of the National Safety Society Golden Gate Chapter experienced an “eye opener,” as well as, an alert to employers about how **CAL/OSHA’s enforcement division will interact with them. Here are the take a-ways from this meeting: • Penalties are going up for employer infractions and the fees/penalties will increase […]

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Where Would You Be Today If You Were In Hurricane Harvey’s Path?

It hard to ignore the disruption of lives and the destruction of property caused by Harvey’s move through Texas and other parts of the South West. Interviews of those affected are sad, but the spirit shown by many to rebuild their lives is encouraging and a reminder of the American spirit during difficult times. Travelers […]

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What Does Filing Income Tax Returns & Distracted Driving Have in Common?

Well, April is the month to focus on both. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Association, in 2015 alone over 3,331 people were killed and over 387,000 injured in motor vehicle accidents connected to distracted driving. That represents 10 percent of all fatal crashes and 17 percent of all accidents that caused injuries. Distractions can be eating, […]

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Words of Wisdom on Preventing & Managing Claims for Employers, According to Don

Employment issues are always a concern for owners and managers of business. When they occur they are disruptive, many times they become an emotional drain, they are costly, can be demoralizing to other employees and in my view the employer and employee(s) seldom come out ahead. When it comes to seeking HR advice, or to […]

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Important Change to Workers’ Compensation Provisions as of January 1, 2017

This new law applies to those California small and mid-size private employers who have elected to exclude officers from workers’ compensation benefits.  The new law, AB 2883, makes the following changes: 1 – Any eligible individual (officer, director, general partner, managing member) electing exclusion from workers’ compensation benefits  must provide a signed waiver to the […]

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